Can you make a living as a hypnotherapist?

Can you make a living as a hypnotherapist?

Therpist helping someone during a therapy sessionOne of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘are there enough people who want hypnotherapy?’ but what they are really asking is if they can make a living as a hypnotherapist. The answer is of course yes; we wouldn’t teach it if there wasn’t a real need for well trained, confident, competent hypnotherapists.  In fact, the market is expanding every day.

There are a few reasons for this, the first being that hypnotherapy is becoming more mainstream.  Of course you will get people making jokes about not looking into your eyes, but many of your future clients will already know someone who has had hypnotherapy, have had a friend recommend it, seen a positive article about it and even seen it on TV (though some of the stuff on TV is questionable at best!).  Some doctors are recommending hypnotherapy, the Royal College of Midwives recognises hypnobirthing, hypnosis is recommended as a treatment for IBS and hypnotherapists are increasingly helping mental health charities support the people that need them.

The second is less positive, but equally important.  As we are seen to be more mainstream we are also making up for the gap in mental health services available.  This is not to say we treat the most serious or complex cases, but there are at least 1 in 4 people each year who suffer with a mental health challenge but struggle to get adequate support.  That can be a teen struggling with social anxiety, a new mum struggling post-partum, over-worked executives, frazzled and stressed out parents, a person drinking more than they ought to, an OCD flair up etc. Hypnotherapy is increasingly seen as a possible way of getting back on track.

Thirdly, the opportunities in hypnotherapy are vast; you can help people with mental health problems, help them give birth, stop smoking, stop drinking, get a better relationship with food, pass their driving test, win that competition, make that speech, pass that exam, sleep the whole night through, get over their ex, increase chances of getting pregnant, stop biting their nails, feel confident to go for a promotion, get on that plane, approach that person they’ve liked for so long, stop arguing with their partner, be calmer around their kids, come to terms with a significant loss, be confident they can handle whatever the world has in store for them…

When you work as a hypnotherapist you will become part of one of the fastest growing professions in the UK and if you choose to work as a solution focused hypnotherapist you’ll be working at the forefront of your profession, with access to the most current brain research and how it impacts your therapy.

This post was written by Ali Hollands.  Ali is a multi-award winning clinical hypnotherapist with Inspired To Change in Maidstone.  Ali gained her first hypnotherapy diploma in 2012 and extended her training with a diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in 2015 with Gary Johannes, head of CPHT Peterborough, Kent, St Albans, Essex, Northampton and Birmingham.

Ali is a practicing Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and senior lecturer for CPHT St Albans, Kent and Essex. As well as this she is writing a book about how to set up in business and in practice, for newly qualified hypnotherapists.  Ali’s passion is in improving performance and enjoyment of life, for her clients and students.  Ali believes that life and work should be fun and fascinating and you can follow Ali on Instagram  and Facebook